January 20, 2011

On leadership

During my last week back in the office, I’ve had many musings. I wrote an excruciating long article that morphed into a “Dear Fucking Diary”. I trashed it because absolutely nobody, including me, should be subjected to that nonsense.

Yesterday I came across a chart concocted by Coach John Wooden titled, “Pyramid of Success”. I was awestruck as I pondered the Coach’s advice on ensuring success in the world:

Here’s what he states about success:
[click to actually read]

And here is where I think I might possibly be going about it wrong:
[click to actually read]

He also had a list of 12 rules for leadership. I was curious to see how vastly our opinions differed… [click to actually read]

In my not-so humble opinion, success means happiness with yourself wherever you are in the world; the rest of the crap is just hearsay.

Keep writing. It saves lives.