June 19, 2011

We are sexy, we are great, we’re the class of 88

This weekend I was given the gift of time travel by being reunited with my girlfriends from the days of yore. For the record, we’re even sexier and greater than we were 23 years ago…

I’m incredibly grateful that 1) they wanted to see me because I was a total asshole to most of them a lot of the time, and 2) they were able to get to Baltimore for a fabulous dinner hosted by the incredible Mr. Rawls. As I admired these gorgeous creatures an overwhelming sense of comfort warmed my heart. I was like Odysseus returning from a long-ass odyssey. Since graduation day a lot of shit has gone down, yet everything felt familiar. I surprised we didn't have a sleep over and stay up late, making prank phone calls to random people on the high school phone list.

That's a lot of hair, and I'm stoned out of my mind:

Decades ago we promised we’d always live close to each other, our kids would be best friends and we’d grow old together. Figures I’d ruin it by moving 3,000 miles away. Now they have kids, live near each other and get together for BBQs. While I’m in Los Angeles, living in an isolation tank and wondering what the fuck I'm going to do when I grow up.

To me the marking of true friendship is being able to pick up where you left off. We talked for hours, catching up and laughing our asses off. My throat hurts from laughing so hard. Words cannot fully describe the surreal amazingness of the night. The formative years we spent together were so intense and authentic that bonds were made that cannot be broken.

We look a lot better now, but that's still a lot of hair:

Being back east I'm flooded with memories of the good old days. I'm feeling a bit maudlin, pondering the bittersweet journey of life. I don’t know why things get so difficult, or why we waste so much time in worry and unrest. Who knows why work has become the focal point of our lives, forcing us to put everything else on hold.

I do know this:

1) Time goes by exponentially faster with every passing year.

2) The problems (and idiots ruining our lives) today won’t matter in a year, or even six months.

3) What matters the most are the bonds we make and the beautifully everlasting soul-igniting moments.

(can i get an amen?)

Thank you, Mr. Rawls for a magical night. Lola and her tongue are fabulous:

Also, your Baltimore mansion should be featured in Architectural Digest:

Keep writing. It saves lives.