November 30, 2013

My first book signing for The City Center

Years ago I saw an episode of "Sex in the City" - the one about Carrie Bradshaw's book release party:

I've been fantasizing about book signings for years; even before I saw this episode. Not so much for the attention and recognition (maybe just a little), but mostly for the connection to others. It's tough spending so much time alone in your head, wondering if a sentence sounds right, or if a character would really say that -- or if your story is any good. Getting the opportunity to share my words with others is wonderful, but receiving others' words is a true gift.

Today my dream came true: I had my first book signing in Alexandria, Va. It looked nothing like Carrie's, but it was absolutely perfectly me:

Looking at the photo, I probably should've done my hair, but like I said, this is so me. I hope to do a lot more of these in a lot more cities.

Keep writing. It saves lives.