March 26, 2014

Book Reviews

I love readers who take the time to write a review. Readers might not know how much this means to an author. Let me tell you - it means A LOT.

We spend countless hours alone in our heads with characters who we'll never actually get to meet and then we release them into your care. It's nice to know when the hard work has been enjoyed by someone. When a reader takes the time to write a review this tells the world they care about books. New authors, especially independents like myself, can't make it without the help of engaged readers. Reviewers give us a voice to reach other readers. I don't even mind the harsh reviews (well, unless they're hurtful and offer zero constructive criticism). I try not to invest my emotions in the harsher reviews, but rather try to glean something from them. There's always something to learn and apply moving forward. On the contrary, when I accidentally come across a review that is just plain mean and pointless, I try to conjure up some compassion for the person. I tell myself there must be something deeper going on in their hearts and souls. Or . . . maybe they just really hated the book.

One of the most important lessons I've learned is that you can't please everyone.

I'm writing this to give a note of thanks to those who have taken the time to share their thoughts with an endless sea of strangers. Thank you for reading my words and sharing yours with me. 

Keep writing. It saves lives.