March 21, 2014

The Book Marketing Plan - Installment Five

This is the final installment of the marketing plan series and the most important, as far as I'm concerned. You can theorize your goals, strategies and audience, but unless you actually do the footwork, your efforts will be fruitless.

There are many ways to go about marketing your book, I'm just sharing what worked for me with The City Center, which has been on Amazon's best-seller list a few times -- so I must have done something right. But who knows? With the rules constantly changing, I plan to continue doing extensive research on book marketing. 

I've been in advertising for over twenty years (ugh) and without fail the best advertising is word of mouth. My advice is to write an excellent book that people can't put down, then write a few more of those. The more work you put out into the world, the higher your chances are to get some author buzz.


4)  Describe your tactics and specific actions you will take

Strategies you will take in each of four areas:

1) Product mix: eBook and Print (paperback). Multi-book series
2) Distribution: Amazon – CreateSpace/ Author Website/ Simone Says Blog 
3) Pricing: Ebook: $2.99 – $4.99 Print: $9.95 – $13.95 
4) Promotion: see below (a - e) 


  • Hire Damon Za to create book cover art
  • Create book trailer
  • Update all social sites with new book cover and retail component
    • website, facebook, twitter, g+, goodreads, pinterest, youtube
  • Update Kindle author page
  • Update Goodreads author page
  • YouTube: reading from The City Center (maybe from new book)
  • Email current list of Sci-fi and YA book bloggers (50-60 contacts)
  • Email current list of top Amazon reviewers (200-300 individuals)
  • Email last group of pre-reader reviewers to consider a review (35-40 readers)
  • Post a request for reviews on facebook and twitter (if you don’t get enough from previous readers)
  • Consider a Book Tour (Xpresso or Book Nerds: $200-$300)
  • Upload manuscript to NetGalley (cannot enroll in KDP Select, if I do this option)
  • Upload manuscript to Story Cartel (cannot enroll in KDP Select, if I do this option)
  • Professional reviews (I've decided not to invest in professional reviews as I've heard from experts in the field that they're not worth spending the money, but if you're interested, below are  some I would consider if I had extra funds) 


  • Goodreads Giveaway (THIS IS AMAZING)
  • Blogger Giveaways (offer this incentive when reaching out to bloggers for reviews)
  • Promote Free download days (advertise on list of 50 free websites) 


  • Write articles: Genetic Engineering, Transhumanism, Eugenics
  • Pitch article ideas to community websites
  • Request for author interviews on book blogger websites, writing websites, sci-fi websites, YA webisites
  • Listmania – research how to get on more lists 
  • Continue reaching out to book clubs and do virtual discussion with clubs
  • Consider hiring Author Buzz ($1000) 
  • Santa Monica Public Library
  • Los Angeles Public Library
  • Marion County School Libraries
  • Compile list of other libraries to contact (this is a huge undertaking, so one at a time)

  • Kindle Nation Daily ($150 - $350)
  • FK Books ($50)
  • Book Sends ($20 - $50)
  • BookBub – for ebook discounts only ($70 - $350)
  • AuthorBuzz ($995 - $1850)
  • Email campaign to friends & family & current readers
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Pinterest book cover campaign (ask readers to send in pictures of them with the book)
  • Pinterest book inspiration page
  • Goodreads Post Apocalyptic group

  • I need to come up with a tactical plan for this section
    • Promote books at story-telling performances
    • Book festivals, speaking events and tradeshows

Next Step:
- Start sending emails
- Start working on author interview questions and guest posts
- Start releasing and letting go - and trusting that you will be okay no matter what 

Keep writing. It saves lives.