March 5, 2014

The Book Marketing Plan - Installment Three

In my last post I described my overall goal for my upcoming book launch for The New Agenda. This post focuses on overall strategy, which is a quick snapshot of the game plan. There are thousands of articles and websites out there on marketing strategy, some of my favorites can be found at the amazing Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn and incredible Joel Friedlander's The Book Designer. If you're on Create Space, this article is a must-read: Developing a Marketing Plan and Strategy.


2) Describe your overall strategy
  • Leverage The City Center to continue building an author presence: 
    • Author interviews (podcasts and blogs) 
    • Guest Posts 
    • Book reviews 
    • Giveaways
    • Book Clubs 
  • Leverage Simone Says Blog (offering help to other writers) 
  • Continue creating a presence in the Scifi & YA community (blogs/meetups/goodreads) 
  • Build a visual campaign for The New Agenda to coincide with tactical plan

Next Step
- Describe your audience

Keep writing. It saves lives.