October 8, 2016

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I love writing. I'd much rather write than talk. Anyone who knows me can confirm this statement. Though I started writing when I was about twelve years old, I didn't publish my first full-length novel until I was forty-three. Why? Because I kept getting distracted by things. So many things ... Boys. Problems. Wine. Husbands. Work. The eight-year memoir that died a slow death. The list is endless.

Not once did the tiny voice of creativity stop whispering in my ears. In fact it was relentless. And I'm grateful for its perseverance. That it didn't give up on me. Thankful that I released my fears and stubborn will and finally conceded to getting down to the business of writing.

At the moment, I have ten books available on Amazon, and a new series launching in March. I plan to write one book after the next book until I run out of steam or ideas. Since the universe provides a never-ending explosion of ideas, I suspect I'll run out of steam first.

I want to help writers finish their novels. With eleven books and counting, I'd say I have a pretty good track record for completing projects. So, I'm doing Project Management Novel Consulting on the side. Writers can hire me to make them accountable for their work. Each package will be tailored to fit the individual's lifestyle and writing habits. We'll start with a consultation and discuss project goals. Then I'll put together a timeline with milestone dates. I'll also offer assistance on outlining because I believe this is essential to the writing process. I'll do daily (or weekly) check-ins to make sure goals are being met. Additionally, writers will have full access to my publishing and marketing resources. I'm certain if you work with me and follow my process, you will end up with a completed first draft.

If you're interested, you may use the contact form in the right column to email me.

In the meantime, to celebrate Indie Author Day here's a lovely video my author friend, Jessica Watts put together.