in the year of 2010, fuzhou port cargo throughput increases from 40 million tons to 60 million tons, and container throughput increases from 1 million teus to 1.5 million teus. the total load of ships owned by the group develops from 750,000 tons to 1,000,000 tons. the area for logistics warehouse and cargo yard reaches 1,500,000 sq.m. the group will develop the project of the construcion of three new station. the number of self-owned passenger vehicles reaches 1850.

Development Strategy
    The Group considers Harmony, innovation, competition as the enterprise belief , bases on the west side of strait economic zones construction, in accordance with the development strategy Three-core four lines, five innovation, relies on the Group's core resources, core capacity and core competencies, and accelerates the corporate restructuring, develops the core competitiveness, and transforms the enterprises from the traditional transportation to the large-scale comprehensive modern logistics, in order to create modern logistics comprehensive system and the comfortable and convenient passenger flow systems,which develops the leading port, expands both wings, connects the two continents, provides serve to both side of the strait. The group will provide excellent efficient and cost-effective logistics services and passenger services for the west side of strait economic zone construction, and develop gradually into an industry group to provide high efficient modern supply chain services

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