Hire Me to be Your Story Outline Coach

Do I really need an outline?
When people ask how I write so many books so fast, I tell them it's a combination of making the time, hard work, and outlining ... When I say the word "outline" people usually look at me like I've said "root canal." Seriously, it's not that painful. Outlining can be incredibly inspiring and exciting, sparking ideas you didn't even know existed below the surface.

Most of the people I've surveyed haven't finished their novel because they didn't have an outline. Would you drive to a new place without a map -- or GPS? I definitely wouldn't because I'd get lost in a heartbeat. Um, I get lost with GPS ... So, why would you want to spend grueling hours writing pages and pages of words if you didn't know where the story was going, how the character was changing, or how to reach the final destination? 

Why do I need an Outline Coach? 
If you haven't written an outline or have trouble focusing, the mere thought of plotting out story beats and creating a story arc, as well as a character arc can be overwhelming. I still panic when I'm starting a new book, but once I start the outlining process, the world of creativity opens up and the possibilities become endless. I want to help you experience this joy. I will make the outlining process fun, interactive, and less painful. 

What does an Outline Coach do?
I will work with you to build your story outline from the genesis to the final resolution.
  • Go through important questions about character motivation
  • Discuss the elements of a solid story
  • Examine each story beat
  • Develop a story arc and character arc
  • Provide insider tips and tools from years and years of research and classes 

How does the process work?
Meetings can be via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in person if you live in Los Angeles. See pricing below.
  • Initial Meeting – You'll come to the meeting with some initial ideas of your story's beginning, middle, and end. I will ask questions about the character, plot, theme, and overall story arc. Together we'll put together a basic summary of your book. If you're already comfortable with your story and want to jump right in, we can go ahead and start plotting out the major beats. 
  • Second Meeting – We'll review what we discussed the previous meeting and start plotting the next set of beats and hopefully get to the middle of the story. We will go chapter by chapter and write bullet points for each one -- or a short paragraphs. The more details you list at this phase the better. I've found it helpful to include lines of dialogue, setting details, and anything I don't want to forget. Unless we're miracle workers, we probably won't finish getting through all the chapters and beats during this session. 
  • Third Meeting – We'll continue plotting out the remaining chapters. At this point we're also making sure the character goals, story threads, red herrings, and plot lines have been carried out through the story and that everything is lining up and making sense. I will ask questions like, "Are we sure the character would do that?" or "Does this move make sense?" Depending on the length of your novel, by the end of this meeting we are aiming to have a solid outline. If not, we can keep going. When we're finished, we'll review everything beat by beat to see if there are any holes, loose threads, or if something doesn't add up. We can make any final adjustments.
  • Fourth Meeting – Only necessary if you have a lengthy novel or we haven't finished going through all the chapters and story beats, or if something isn't logically adding up that we need to fix.

How much is this going to cost me?
The fee for a Outline Coach is $50 per hour. If you book 2-hour time blocks, you'll get $20 off (so $80 per 2-hour session). I recommend booking at least 2 hours per meeting as there will be a lot to cover and we'll need to get into a creative flow. At the end of each meeting, you can determine if you want to continue. There is no obligation to stick with me. 

How long will this take and what's your availability? 
It all depends on how soon we regroup between meetings. I recommend booking the first two meetings close together. I'm a writer and have flexible hours, so I'm sure we can work out something.

If you're still overwhelmed and not sure what to do. I'm happy to have a quick 5-10 minute conversation to answer any questions.

You can reach out to me via the Contact Form (top right column).

Simone worked with me, outlining a book I have wanted to write for a very long time. I just didn't know where to start, even though I have begun this manuscript several times. Simone coached me on the essentials of setting up a plot worksheet, creating the inciting incident, establishing "critical choice" for my protagonist, and many other story basics. Her professionalism, combined with her intuition and sensitivity are a winning combination that has helped me create a workable frame for my novel. Along the way, Simone has given me support, encouragement, and positive helpful guidance. If you're stalled in your writing, or if you just don't know how to get started, I recommend you give her a call immediately! She's a 5-Star writing maven!

I have had the pleasure of working on plotting outlines with Simone, and I am BLOWN away by her services. I have NEVER plotted two books in 24 hours. AND these are gonna be GOOD, like the kind of stories that people will love, and I am silently freaking out with excitement over here. Prices were VERY reasonable IMO. If you have trouble plotting, please contact Simone. You will NOT be disappointed. I have had such a FUN time plotting and I NEVER have fun plotting, especially the middle. Simone made the HARD MIDDLE so much easier to work through and actually helped me not only to write out the whole story but to see things in a whole new light. I honestly feel like someone has handed me the "How-to" manual! I ALMOST don't want to share how incredible she is because I am scared everyone is going to fill up her schedule.