Hire Me to be Your Story Outline Coach

Do I really need an outline?
When people ask how I write so many books so fast, I tell them it's a combination of hard work, making the time, and outlining. When I say the word "outline" people usually look at me like I've said "root canal." Seriously, it's not that painful. Outlining can be incredibly inspiring and exciting, sparking ideas you didn't even know existed below the surface.

Most people who don't finish that novel or screenplay they've always dreamed of writing is because they don't have an outline. At least the ones I've surveyed. I always ask aspiring writers: would you ever drive to a new place without a map -- or GPS?

Of course not.

So why would you consider spending countless grueling hours writing pages and pages of words if you didn't know where the story was going or how to reach the final destination? 

Why do I need an Outline Coach? 
If you haven't written an outline, the mere thought of plotting out story beats and creating a story arc, as well as a character arc can be extremely overwhelming. I still panic when I'm starting a new book, but once I start the process, the world of creativity opens up and the possibilities become endless. I want to help you experience this joy. I will make the outlining process fun, interactive, and a lot less painful. 

What does an Outline Coach do?
I will work with you to build your story outline from the genesis to the final resolution.
  • Go through important questions about character motivation
  • Discuss the elements of a solid story
  • Examine each story beat
  • Develop a story arc and character arc
  • Provide insider tips and tools from years and years of research and classes 

How does the process work?
We would need a minimum 1-hour initial conversation to discuss your story. You'll walk away with a thorough understanding of the book or movie you want to write and the direction you want to take it. All meetings can be via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or in person if you live in Los Angeles.
  • Initial Meeting – We discuss your story. I will ask probing questions about the character, plot, theme, and overall story arc. Together we'll put together a basic logline and summary of your book. This is something you can use for when you craft your book blurb later on. 
  • Second Meeting – Writer will come to the meeting with some initial ideas of story beginning, middle, and end. Writer and Coach will work together to put down the foundation story beats. Coach will give the Writer a list of additional story beats to think about between meetings. Be sure to carry around a notebook or phone to record your ideas -- they will be sparking left and right!
  • Third Meeting – Writer and Coach will work together to start filling in the individual story beats. At this point the Writer will go off and start thinking about the individual chapters. Again, keep notes throughout the week!
  • Fourth Meeting – Writer and Coach will work together to write down a bullet point for each chapter. Coach will provide the Writer with a short list of items to help fill in the details for each chapter bullet to do between meetings. A paragraph is fine, but the more details the better. I've found it helpful to include lines of dialogue, setting details, and anything I don't want to forget for later. *This meeting requires a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Fifth Meeting – Writer and Coach will review the entire Outline beat by beat to see if there are any missing pieces, loose threads, or if something doesn't add up. We'll make any final adjustments.

How much is this going to cost me?
The fee for a Outline Coach is $50 per hour. If you book a 2-hour time block, you'll get $20 off. I recommend booking at least 2 hours per meeting after the initial one as there will be a lot to cover and meetings tend to go over the first hour. At the end of each meeting, you can determine if you want to continue. There is no obligation to do all five meetings, but it will guarantee a finished outline. 

How long will this take and what's your availability? 
It all depends on how soon we regroup between meetings. I recommend booking the first two meetings very close together. The remaining three meetings can be scheduled a week a part to leave time to brainstorm and let ideas germinate. I'm a writer and have flexible hours, so I'm sure we can work out something.

If you're still overwhelmed and not sure what to do. I'm happy to have a quick 5-10 minute conversation to answer any questions.

You can reach out to me via the Contact Form.